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Adventure Playground in Berkeley, this scrap junkyard turned playground can be found on the marina waterfront in Berkeley.

Adventure Playground

The adventure playground model, sometimes referred to as a “junk playground,” is to provide children with the resources to build and create without restrictions. The available tools include saws, hammers, workbenches, and nails, but the kids must perform tasks to earn these tools or paint.

How to earn tools

At Adventure Playground in Berkeley to earn tools kids must go in the playground, find and return one of the following, 10 nails, 5 wood splinters, 5 pieces of trash or 1 Mr. Dangerous. Every single play structure and fort were built by hand by the kids who participate at this park.

Kids and hammers

Kids and saws

It’s amazing to watch, and surprisingly injuries rarely occur at this site. My son loved using the hammer and my daughter enjoyed painting everything (including her dress). I especially liked this double decker slide with underground tunnel fort.

We literally stayed till closing and my kids can’t wait to go back. The best part is it’s FREE! Older kids can even be dropped off for blocks of time for a small fee.

Adventure Playground cost

For more information about Adventure Playground in Berkeley, check out their web page here.