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The Wonder Sound is a work of art by Wes Sam-Bruce, that you physically enter into and discover. Drawing influence from tree houses, empowered neighborhoods, canyons at night, and sacred plants. The Wonder Sound is sight to see children explore. After crawling through a labyrinth of dark rooms, and small nooks I went through one last curtain to find lilStrange making music, from thousands of spoons hung from the ceiling at different lengths. The light from an open window lit up her face from the darkness, and the cool breeze coming through helped to make an original score.

hanging spoons

The Wonder Sound: A World Unfolding, is a feature documentary film by Bryan Bangerter that follow the path of the creation of a World Within a World. Diving into the content and characters involved. It threads together the ideas, heartbeat, and intent behind the large-scale, village-like installation at The New Children’s Museum.

The Wonder Sound

18,000 hand-cut wooden shapes were used to make The Wonder Sound at the New Children’s Museum.

The New Children's Museum

A labyrinth of ropes to explore

This exhibit at The New Children’s Museum is not to be missed.