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Growing up in Southern California we used to go to the beach all of the time, but mostly on the weekends and for the whole day. So my beach memories are of very crowded beaches, getting sand kicked on all my stuff and always wanting to leave after a few hours. Now that we have the luxury to go to the beach midweek, and a few hours at a time, my appreciation has changed. This is the dream beach of my childhood.
Fletcher Cove 2017
Fletcher Cove is Solana Beach’s main central beach park located a couple blocks west of the intersection of Highway 101 and Loma Santa Fe Drive. The beach at Fletcher Cove isn’t big, but is still usable during high tide vs many other beaches along Solana Beach. Fletcher Cove Park has a nice little playground with grassy areas, a basketball court, and picnic tables that look out over the ocean. Plus showers and bathroom facilities (these are key when you have kids). Lifeguards here are on staff year-round.Fletcher Cove North
Fletcher Cove Sand Castle

We plan to explore Tide Beach Park next!