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Across the animal kingdom, there is something universal and primal about a mother’s instinct to protect. Different species demonstrate amazing feats to protect their young… including human mothers. I’m working with Lysol to celebrate a mother’s natural protective instinct, honoring that a mother’s first priority is always the safety of her children – weather she is a lion, tiger, bear or a person.

Protect Like a Mother

Protect like a Mother LysolThis free, family-friendly exhibit pays tribute to the fiercest moms on the planet through larger-than-life interactive animal installations, including an orangutan, an octopus and an eagle. The installations will also chronicle motherly instincts through visual storyboards of the most incredible moms on Earth.

Lysol Orangutan

The mother orangutan remains in constant contact with her child for the first 6 months of its life.

Octopus sculpture

The mother octopus spends five, six months protecting her 56,000 eggs and then dies in the end to yield a possible two new octopus babies.

Baby Eagles

The mother golden eagle uses her 8-foot wingspan to protect her eaglets from danger.

Protect like a Mother in Brooklyn

Moms know what it takes to protect

It’s their DNA, and it’s in Lysol’s, too. Which is why Lysol is paying homage to the most incredible and protective moms on the planet – both animals and humans alike. Because no one protects like a mother. And nothing helps mothers protect against germs like Lysol.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Map

Head on over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park between 9AM and 6PM May 20th and 21st to take a look at this free exhibit. The image above shows you exactly where the exhibit is stationed – right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

My kids also enjoyed making a special card for me. My sons says “You’re my golden eagle, The mother golden eagle uses her 8-foot wingspan to protect her eaglets from danger. I feel safe under your wing, too.” My daughters card says “You’re my humpback whale, The mother humpback whale escorts her baby 3,000 miles through shark-infested waters. She’s one fierce mama. Just like you.”

Making Mama a card

Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces. For more information on the brand, visit Lysol.com or Lysol.com/ProtectLikeaMother.

Do not miss this pop-up event because it is for this weekend only!