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In late 2016 Disney refurbished their Disney Wonder cruise ship, to update and add Tiana’s Place, a new restaurant, an AquaLab at the pool, Frozen at the Walt Disney Theater, additional bars and entertainment in the adult district, plus so much more. But, the number one thing my kids were most excited to experience on the updated Disney Wonder, was the NEW Oceaneers Kid’s Club and Lab, a massive play and learning space for kids, full of pure Disney fantasy, or should I say “Wonder”.

Disney Wonder Cruise

Disney’s Oceaneer Club includes character-driven performances, special storytelling sessions, larger-than-life playgrounds, dress-up opportunities and cool interactive activities. Where in the Oceaneer Lab kids can play and learn at sea through imaginative themed activities and games, and perform crazy experiments.

My kids aged 6 and 3 begged to hang out in the youth clubs from sunrise to sunset, with Disney toys, Disney games, an open seating area for arts and crafts, and ongoing Disney movies they definitely never had a dull moment inside. And I was happy that they were entertained and happy to hang out in there.

Disney Oceaneer Club

Central Library, perfect for larger group activities

Oceaneer Club Craft Studio

Craft Studio

Oceaneer Club open seating

Disney youth club open seating

Oceaneer Club Animators Studio

Animator’s Studio with a light table for tracing and coloring your favorite Disney characters.

In the Disney Oceaneer Club Children 3 to 12 years old can interact with Disney characters and each other, as they explore four multi-themed magical lands.

Andy’s Room: Is where kids feel toy-sized and can reach for the sky! lilStrange is in the photo below, can you find her? Disney’s Toy Story comes alive in this multi-level play area, lilStrange loved the supersized Slinky Dog slide. My kids also danced at a hoedown with Woody, joined Jessie for a scavenger hunt, and did space training with Buzz Lightyear.

Disney Wonder Andy's Bedroom Disney Wonder Slinky Dog Slide

MARVEL’s Super Hero Academy: Swoop into the top-secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D. and wield the weaponry of your favorite Avenger—including Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield! My kids did arts and crafts, played computer games and summoned their inner crime fighter with surprise Super Hero visits (Yes, real Super Heroes interacted with the kids!)

MARVEL Super Hero Academy

You can control the movement of a character on screen to practice super skills like repulsor blasting.

Disney Junior: Enter the worlds of your fave Disney Junior pals with games, Character fun and more!

Oceaneer Club Disney Junior

Frozen Adventures: Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post- Prepare for a royal coronation with Anna and Elsa, then join Olaf for a summery sing-along and games that celebrate the seasons.

Disney Wonder Frozen Adventures

It’s almost like you are right in the Frozen movie.

My kids were able to move easily between the Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab by a “secret” hallway that connects the two from inside. They enjoyed picking their own daily itinerary, and choosing some activities to do together and others on their own.

I always felt safe with my kids inside the Oceaneer’s Club, they could call us at anytime (even though they never did), they had personalized wrist bands (similar to the Magic Band you get at WDW) that they wore at all times, and could literally be tracked to what room they were playing in. The checkin and checkout process was super easy with security checks each and every time. Plus the kids had to wash their hands before going in and out, with super high power washing sinks (wash those germs away).

The staff was always easy to spot with their signature uniforms and got to know the kids names really fast.

Disney Wonder Oceaneers Club Check inWe were never a cruise family before this trip on the Disney Wonder, but we are defiantly a cruise family now. Everyone in our family had an amazing time on our Disney Cruise and can’t wait to take another one, hopefully longer next time. The Oceaneer Club and Lab is definantly the number one selling point for my kids. When I asked my son if he could have one extra day at WDW or on the Disney Wonder, he enthusiastically said “One more day on the MICKEY boat!”

We travel on the Disney Wonder through the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, our trip was heavily discounted, but all opinions expressed here are my own.