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Walking home from school my son decided to walk in the snow versus the nicely shoveled sidewalk. This snow is so disgusting and not soft at all, mostly big chunks of ice dusted in city soot. He is also sporting one glove because he has lost every other glove, and no way am I buying him anymore this late in the season.

However, the kids were desperate to play in the snow, but most of the snow was already stomped through. After walking a block past hard soot covered snow, we found a decent patch on the island partition in the middle of the road. So do you know what, I let my city kids play right there in the middle of the street in NYC. They even successfully built a decent little snowman, and the huge smiles on their faces made it all worth it. Oh and I just realized when looking through these photos that lilStrange’s gloves are mismatched.making a snowmanCity KidsCity SnowmanDo you want to build a snowman? Yes, yes we do, and even city kids get their hands at making one. How did you spend your snow day in NYC?