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This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Jungle Jim – A Musical Wildlife Adventure. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Jungle Jim’s A Musical Wildlife Adventure, is a 15-minute pilot that offers original music with animals singing songs about themselves, to teach kids fun animal facts. My daughters attention was also held for the whole 15-minute pilot. The songs are educational and super fun, plus easy to catch on too for a preschooler, after a few watchings. They were a bit David Bowie esque, so adults watching along are entertained too. My daughter and I both enjoyed the camouflage song sung by Stripes the Tiger, and on the Jungle Jim web page they have the songs in sing-along versions. “You can’t see me, ’cause I’ve got camouflage”!


Five fun characters in Jungle Jim’s Wildlife Adventure

In the show, Jungle Jim explores the animal kingdom with his friends Scratch the Porcupine, Stripes the Tiger, Flip the Monkey and Dash the Cheetah. I wish Amazon had more content to share about these animals, 15 minutes was just not enough. Jungle Jim would make a terrific ongoing kids’ show.


The goal of the show is to provide worthwhile content so parents feel confident that what they are showing is age appropriate for their children. Plus the more parents review and comment about the show on Amazon, the more likely it will attract a distributor so children can enjoy more Jungle Jim episodes.

Jungle Jim gets to view live footage of the animals in their natural habitat. This is great for kids to see what the animals look like in real life. Using the binocular viewing section, is a cleaver approach for sharing.


Parents and educators alike praise the unique ability of Jungle Jim music videos to educate, excite and inspire. The images are colorful, the characters are fun, and the music is infectious. The live wildlife footage brings it all together so children develop a greater understanding of the infinite variety of the world around them. They will remember important animal facts because they will be singing about them together with Jungle Jim and his animal friends!

Jungle Jim’s was created by a dad for his kids

Jungle Jim was created by Steven Wagner. Every night before bed his children would want to read books about animals and talk about them. Steve woke up one morning with an idea for a musical animal show, and has since been developing the concept so that he can help kids everywhere satisfy their curiosity about animals. Steven’s brother Eric, who is a musician, wrote and produced all the music. Eric is also all the voices of the animal except Dash the Cheetah. Jungle Jim is voiced by Eric’s son.

SPECIAL OFFER after viewing the 15-minute pilot if you leave a review on Amazon, and send an email to info@junglejimmusic.com, with a link to their Amazon review, the company will mail them you a FREE DVD of the 15 minute pilot.

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