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It snowed all day yesterday, so we were determined to play in it today. The sun was out and the sky was blue, so it made playing outside in the cold manageable, even though it was in the low 20s. We probably lasted 30 minutes before rushing home for hot chocolate. My husband needs better snow shoes and jacket, because he was the one to get cold first.


Notice my sons mismatched gloves? He has somehow lost one glove in each pair, so until he finds the missing partner he will look silly. This is clearly a trend I hope does not continue, because buying multiple sets of gloves every year is not in my plan.


She loved playing and sledding in the snow, and would have happily played all day, if Mama and Dada didn’t start to freeze themselves.


City snow does not last very long so I am sure it will all be completely melted away by tomorrow. Unless another storm makes it way through, then it will just be a big mess, because tonight is trash night.


My sons feet are being kept warm by his Keen boots
My daughters feet are being kept warm by her Sorel boots