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Thank you Madame Alexander and KidzVuz.com for sponsoring this post with My Strange Family, all opinion expressed here are my own.

My daughter has been obsessed with Disney and Princesses since we celebrated her first birthday at Disneyland. She loves all of the Disney Princesses but has had a special connection with Cinderella right from the start. It might be because they have matching blonde hair and blue eyes, or that I always tell her “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” but no matter where the love comes from, lilStrange “wants” to be Cinderella when she grows up.

She dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween.


She was so excited, and kinda shy to meet Cinderella in real life at Magic Kingdom.


So when I discovered Madam Alexander was releasing 3 gorgeous 18-inch Collectible Disney Princess dolls just in time for Christmas, I knew we had to get the Cinderella for my daughter. I think I will have to get Belle and Ariel for myself, to complete the lovely collection.


You really have to see this Collectible Disney Princess doll in real life, because she is so beautifully dressed and made. Cinderella is ready to have a ball in her sparkling blue ball gown. Until the clock strikes midnight, she wears satin gloves, blue headband, a black choker necklace, and “glass” slippers.


The second lilStrange got her hands on the Madame Alexander Collectible Cinderella Princess Doll, she had to take her to the ball for a dance.


It’s like all of her Disney princess dreams coming true on Christmas morning.


For every girl who dreams big, there’s a princess to show her it’s possible. Celebrate Disney Princesses with the new collection of 18-inch dolls featuring luxurious design elements that every princess lover will cherish.

PRODUCTS: Collectible Disney Princesses
SRP: $ 89.95
AGE: 3+
LAUNCH: November 2016
AVAILABILITY: www.madamealexander.com