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Chotto Desh, Akram Khan Company’s first piece of dance theater for family audiences, makes its New York Premiere at The New Victory Theater from November 4-13, 2016. I took my six year old son to see Chotto Desh, this past weekend and he really enjoyed the experience. The story was easy for my son to follow, through the narrative, music and dance. The length was also perfect for a young child’s attention span, with a 55 minute running time, and no intermission.


My son especially liked the interactive animation section where the Grandmother’s fable of The Honey Hunter, comes to life on a bewitching adventure. This modern day fairy tale reveals what can happen when someone interferes with nature’s rhythm. It teaches children to respect and appreciate the environment.


“Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Richard Haughton”

Chotto Desh, meaning ‘small homeland’ is full of meaningful dance and exciting movement. The show is inspired by stories from choreographer Akram Khan’s life and his relationship with his father. In Chotto Desh, the dancer appears as many different characters throughout the story. In one section of the performance, he becomes his father by drawing eyes on the top of his head. This part thoroughly entertained the kids.


“Photo courtesy of The New Victory Theater, credit: Richard Haughton”

Chotto Desh is a heartwarming story about our connections to the past, family and finding your own path. It celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in the modern world and promises to be a magical, thrilling and poignant dance theatre experience for families to enjoy together.

chotto-deshAfter the show my son got to meet and have his program signed by Dennis Alamanos from the Akram Khan Company. They talked about hip-hop and breakdancing.

dennis-alamanos-from-akramkhan-companyHe then got to create his own interactive projected animation, with the family activities after the show. Plus learn about his own family cultural, by placing a tag where is family is from. Because, I am 50% Finn we placed our pin on Finland.



Public Performance Schedule: 10 performances

Friday, November 4 at 7pm
Saturday, November 5 at 2pm / 7pm
Sunday, November 6 at 12pm / 5pm
Friday, November 11 at 7pm
Saturday, November 12 at 2pm / 7pm
Sunday, November 13 at 12pm / 5pm

Chotto Desh has a running time of 55 minutes with no intermission and is recommended for everyone ages 7 and up.

Ticket Information

Tickets for Chotto Desh at The New Victory Theater (209 West 42nd Street) are $10, $13, $18 or $25 for Members based on seat locations, with full price tickets starting at $16. Tickets are available online (NewVictory.org) and by telephone (646.223.3010). The New Victory Theater box office (209 West 42nd Street) is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm-7pm.

Thank you New Victory Theater for providing tickets to My Strange Family for review purposes.