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I just finished watching the pilot episode for the new FX original series TV show Better Things staring Pamela Adlon and co-created with Louis C.K. If you are already a fan of the hit comedy show Louie, you will most likely enjoy Better Things‘ too. Both actors Pam and Louis) have a similarity in the way they talk and write dialogue, but in Better Things a female, single mother of three is the lead. This show also feels more realistic and current to me as I am a mom, and I like how they are delving deeper into the characters and situations, right off the bat, in the pilot episode.


The show Better Things has a lot of learning moments throughout it and because the three girls are at different stages developmentally, most parents can either relate to one or all three of the daughter characters. Plus you can be single, divorced, married, or partnered to enjoy the show.

FX’s Better Things: My Motherhood Experience, In A Show

Just today we slept in way past our normal wake-up time, so we only had 15 minutes to get ready and out the door. Surprisingly we made it to school on time without anyone getting upset or complaining. It’s crazy in contrast to a normal morning when we have at least and hour and a half to get ready and never seem to make it on time and everyone gets upset kicking and screaming along the way. Watching Better Things is like seeing all of my tiny but very real struggles reflected back at me.


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Don’t miss Better Things An FX Original Series on Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT on FX