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California Dreaming while back in NYC. We spent a few weeks in California this summer and even though we are now back to NYC, we can continue to dream of California in this beautifully made all-in-one organic sleeper from Enchanted Slumber.

California Dreaming Enchanted Slumber

I love everything thing about this kid-friendly roll-and-go portable sleeping bag, made from organic cotton. It is supper soft and snuggly plus has an organic lavender-buckwheat pillow to promote relaxation. The fun loving California Dreaming pattern will have campers (or wannabe campers) and California grizzly bear lovers slumbering soundly. The material is cool for a summer layer, but warm enough for the colder winter months.

Enchanted Slumber

Perfect safe, non-toxic solution for travel or for your little ones having nap time at preschool this fall. If you have your kid “practice” napping in the Enchanted Slumber before going off to preschool, they will be able to transition better to their new school setting, having a sweet comfort from home. Check out their web page to see all the fun products and patterns, including new baby items and lunch totes.

About Enchanted Slumber

Anna Spanton created Enchanted Slumber out of necessity, she could not find something safe for her children to sleep in when they were going off to preschool. Anna wanted portable bedding that was safe for kids health, aesthetically pleasing, and made of sustainable materials. So the Enchanted Slumber sleeper was born. A soft, soothing sleeping bag that would make the child within it feel safe and warm. Enchanted Slumber’s core values include pursuit of wellness, beautiful design, and environmental sustainability.

Thank you Enchanted Slumber for providing My Strange Family with a Signature All-in-One sleeper. All opinions expressed here are my own.