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If you are looking for a fun show for the whole family, make sure to check out Blue Man Group. Yes, the whole family; from my preschooler, to my elementary school aged son, to my husband and myself, we all had a great time at the Blue Man Group show in NYC. Blue Man Group combines music, technology and comedy to create a form of entertainment that appeals to people of all ages.

Astor Place Theatre

Blue Man Group is a performance art company formed in the early 90’s on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Blue Man character emerged from small “disturbances” on the streets of the city, growing into small shows at downtown clubs and eventually becoming a full performance at the Astor Place Theatre. It’s no surprise that Blue Man Group is one of the longest running off-Broadway productions in New York City.

5 tips for taking your kids to Blue Man Group

  1. Check out the BlueTube channel with your kids before the show. At first sight 3 blue bald men might freak them out, but if they are familiar with the looks of the characters, and know they do silly sketches and play fun music and games, your kids will feel well prepared before the show.
  2. Bring snacks, or buy some at the theater. The show has a running time of 90 minutes without any intermission, so if your kids get hungry or a bit antsy for having to sit for a long time, keep them happy with snacks.
  3. Don’t sit in the poncho section especially if this is your kids first Blue Man Group show. The poncho section is the first four or five rows closest to the stage. Patrons in this area are given ponchos to wear, because sometimes materials splash the audience. First of all my kids would not be comfortable wearing the ponchos, and second they would totally freak out if something splattered on to them.
  4. Grab some earplugs from the venue or bring your own kid friendly headphones, if your kids are highly sensitive to loud sounds they will feel more comfortable if they can block some of the loud sounds out. My kids did just fine, but you never know and it’s better to be prepared, just in case.
  5. During the toilet paper streamer finale make sure your kid does not get too buried, It’s supper fun, but the paper piles up fast so try to keep them cleared and the paper moving forward. I was pushing handfuls and ripping the paper like super mom so my sons head would stay above the sea of paper.

Blue Man Group toliet paper finale Blue Man Group for FamilyMy kids still talk highly of the Blue Man Group show. Anytime my daughter sees billboard or taxi advertisements she shrieks out in excitement “Blue guys, mama it’s them!” My kids also saw some Twinkie’s at the local bodega and insisted on trying them out, lets just say they liked the unhealthy treat.

Also stay around a bit after the show to get a photo with the leading Blue Men.

Meeting Blue Man Group

I am sure we will be back to see the show again and again, it was really great and perfect for the whole family. They even turned blue as we left Astor Place Theater.

Blue Man Group NYCFor ticket and location information check out BlueMan.com, Also if you think the show might be too intense for your kids they do offer an Autism Speaks show a few time each year at each of their multiple US locations.

Thank you Blue Man Group for providing tickets for My Strange Family to check out your fun show, all opinions expressed here are my own.