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Living in Downtown San Diego has become more popular each and every year since the early 2000’s, when I lived in San Diego for college. With this new migration to San Diego city living, comes families with kids. Where families are, parks need to be, so after 15 years of planning and setbacks the new Waterfront Park opened at the County Administration Center. The newly constructed Waterfront Park is the most significant waterfront open space in downtown San Diego and fulfills a vision decades in the making, positioning it as a quintessential destination for residents and visitors alike.

The existing historic landscape and landmark County building form the park’s center, while an interactive fountain extends from the building and into the park defining a large civic green.

Splash at San Diego Waterfront Park

Splash splash, the perfect way to cool off in Downtown San Diego.Water feature at San Diego Waterfront Park

The park also features a children’s play zone, with some amazing play structures for kids aged 5-12. However, my three year old held her own on the huge climbing web that looks like a huge electron.

San Diego Waterfront Park

My niece is “Queen of the Hill”Climbing at San Diego Waterfront Park

The “Blue Hills” totally felt like something out of the Pacific Ocean, with a super fast wave slide. CAUTION it might make your hair stick straight up in excitement.

Hills at San Diego Waterfront Park

Slide San Diego Waterfront Park

The super swing and seesaw were also a hit by the kids. My son did not want to be pushed very high, but he still loved it.

swing at San Diego Waterfront Park

Seesaw at San Diego Waterfront park

The San Diego Waterfront Park also has three large mosaic sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle an internationally renowned French artist, long associated with San Diego. “Serpent Tree,” “Cat” and “#19 Baseball Player” are on loan for up to a dozen years from the Niki Charitable Art Foundation. The kids love that they could interact and actually touch the art, the inside of the Cat is also a great shaded spot from the heat.

niki de saint phalle at San Diego Waterfront Park

Being in Embarcadero, the Waterfront Park also has an unforgettable waterfront view that can only be seen in San Diego.

Make sure to check it out next time you are in San Diego.

County Administration Center Waterfront Park
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92101