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I discovered CourtneyCourtney through Instagram, I instantly fell in love with her one-of-a-kind little girl dresses. I had never seen anything like them before, they are not fussy and frilly, and I was excited to purchase one for lilStrange. Not only are the dresses modern in style with fun silkscreens, they are all handmade by Courtney Anne Chu from 100% recycled clothes.

We are often reminded of the importance of recycling our cans and bottles, but what about our clothes?

Textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable, yet thousands of pounds of textile materials end up in landfills each year. This problem can be easily solved by donating your unwanted clothing to local charities, instead of throwing them away in the trash.

To make her eco up-cycle dresses, Courtney searches through racks of t-shirts at her local charity shops in Chicago and tires to select unique prints, vintage designs and colors and patterns that coordinate with each other. She then prepares them to be made into super soft dresses. When I was a kid my aunt made me a quilt out of used clothing and it was the most amazingly soft blanket I have ever owned. The softness must come from all of the year washing of the textile.
CourtneyCourtneyCourtney’s dresses have a sharp, organic style to them. She adds a fun silkscreen design detail to all of her dress, making them stand out and 100% unique. Plus the dresses are well-made, wash up great and produced locally in Chicago.
These are lilStrange recent two dresses from CourtneyCourtney. A fun pineapple summer dress, and a birthday bespoke custom number dress.
Courtney Courtney lilStrange explored the Children’s Museum of the Arts in her own piece of art.
lilStrange CMA Making her way through a bamboo maze at the Liberty Science Center.
three dressCourtney is intrigued by the ability to affect levels of comfort, society, health, and power through clothing design. She likes to think we are not judged by how we dress, but definitely feels that it influences the wearer.

If you love the idea behind Courtney’s one-of-a-kind eco recycled dresses totally check out her list of current dresses for sale. I am sure your little girl will love wearing a CourtneyCourtney dress as much as my daughter does.