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I didn’t go to college for photography, I actually studied business management. I did not pick-up a “real” camera until ten years ago, and I still have no clue how to use it. My husband and I own/ed a Nikon D40x, with a few different lenses, but we honestly only used it in manual mode. We still have no clue how to use that “fancy” camera and I think the last time I touched it was in 2010.

I bought my first iPhone when my son was born, and have been using one exclusively since then. With a newborn I found the convenience of the iPhone outweighed the need for quality, from our large Nikon. Plus over the years the iPhone photo quality has improved, that most people could probably not even tell the difference between the two photos.

What I have learned about photography over these past years, in taking photos of my kids, is how to take a great composed shot. Composition is the process of seeing, identifying, organizing, and framing the individual elements of a particular scene to create a pleasing photograph. Composition is also much more than just arranging the elements in a photo, it takes into consideration the lighting, the depth of field, the foreground and the background.

Besides composition, I feel the most important factor in getting a great photo is the angle at which you hold your camera to take the photo. For photos with kids in them, I have to squat down to be at their level. You can totally see how I am crouched down in the left photo, to capture this sweet shot of lilStrange and Rapunzel at the Disney Social Media Moms Mother’s Day breakfast.

Tangled Disney Social Media Mom

A lot of photos can be significantly improved when using editing tools like photoshop. But, if the original photo is not composed properly, to create a vision of how I organically see a particular scenario, then all the photo editing tools in the world are worthless. In the Rapunzel photo above I used a free iPhone app called PS Express.

Photographers, take photos to tell a story. And to help the people who view your photograph to understand how you felt when taking the photo. The whole point is to ensure that the people who view your photos understand the message you are trying to convey. How? By directing their attention to a specific point of interest within the picture.

At the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, we were asked to take photos as part of a photo storytelling contest, one challenge was to capture a #DisneyKids moment. I had lilStrange dance and twirl in front of Cinderella’s Castle in hopes to capture a magical moment in photo. I must have taken over a few dozen photos to get these as my top three. I love how the drum player was walking by as I snapped these shots.

Disney Castle Princess

Tips on how to capture a great Disney Kids photo

  1. Determine the most important element of the scene.
  2. Do not place the subject in the dead center of the image.
  3. Avoid putting too much content in the frame.
  4. Fill the frame.
  5. Use the environment around you.

So in the end the middle photo was the most magical of them all. After some photoshopping, the photo below was submitted to the judges at the Disney Social Media Celebration, and it WON! Out of over 150 guests my #DisneyKids photo WON! I was so excited and our prize was a really cool Circle with Disney.

Disney Kid Social Media Mom

Circle with Disney is internet reimagined. Circle is the new way for families to manage content and time across all your home’s connected devices. With Circle, parents can filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home.

Circle with DisneyThank you Disney Social Media Moms Celebrating for the amazing conference and inspiration to take a magical photo of my #Disneykids