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The movie, The Meddler, starring Susan Sarandon, is a an entertaining story for both women and men. It’s a perfect example of how a mother can be too involved in their child’s and others’ lives out of a desire to be needed. The movie has many comedic elements, but also scenes of angst and sadness. Ms. Sarandon is in every scene, so the movie showcases her amazing acting talents. Rose Byrne serves as an excellent counterbalance to Sarandon. J. K. Simmons is perfection in his role, leaving you wanting more. All of the characters show depth and are clearly drawn. I found myself identifying with each throughout, sometimes as a parent and other times as a child reflecting on my relationship with my mother. I highly recommend this thought-provoking, touching film.

The Meddler Susan Sarandon

Peter Pan has a new product called Simply Ground. It is a  combination of crunchy and smooth peanut butter. I found this a delicious alternative. The company has developed many delectable recipes using this new product.
Kmart is working to appeal to fashion-conscious younger women on a budget. They offer cute, contemporary jeans  for $10.99 and an adorable selection of ballet flats for moms on the go. Adam Levine has designed a brand of men’s and women’s fashions for Kmart.  The new motto for Kmart is “Shopping is fun again!” which includes the return of the famous Blue Light Special both in the store and online.
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