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The Star Keeper, a show without words combines visual poetry, music and fantasy, using a variety of puppet styles. This show tells the story of Pretzel, a friendly little worm character who goes on a fabulous adventure to help return a star back to its proper place in the sky. It was honestly the coolest thing I have seen in children’s theater in a long time!

Starkeeper_Puppet show (1)

Pretzel: A small, friendly worm who loves to help others. A chivalrous knight lost in modern times with Daisy Bygone: A very old lady whose heart is as fragile as Chinese porcelain.

On his adventure Pretzel meets a spider who tap dances in the theater-belly of a man, a mermaid playing hard to get at a fish ball, a family of panicking seahorses, a temperamental baby and a dignified lady who is very, very old. Even though the show had no words my son was totally able to follow along with the story line. Maggie Mischief (the angry baby) was his favorite character, where I was mesmerized by the bubble charmer.

Bubble Charmer

The Bubble Charmer: He captures, tames and collects all bubbles that come within his reach. A real “bubblyphile.”

For nearly 20 years, The Star Keeper is immersed in the magical universe of children’s dreams. The show has traversed the globe, bringing joy to audiences across the world. Pretzel’s captivating story, created through the magic of marionettes, bunraku and shadow puppetry, is inhabited by comical, surprising and touching characters.

New Victory Star Keeper

Star Keeper puppeteers

My son meeting the puppeteer for Maggie Mischief: A spoiled little girl who throws terrible tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.

Limited Engagement April 1-3 at The New Victory Theater in New York City

The next show Bello Mania will be at The New Victory Theater April 15-May 1 one of my sons favorite shows every year!