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In 1923, Russell and Clara Stover began a candy business out of a bungalow in Denver, Colorado. The Stovers established three principles of quality, service and value, that were successful then and are still carefully followed today. Russell Stover is the largest producer of fine boxed chocolates in the United States. So when Russel Stover reached out to My Strange Family to create a fun Easter basket, including their delicious chocolate Easter treat products, I was excited to participate. This “Sayings” Premium Milk Chocolate Easter Bar totally cracks me up!

You Crack Me Up

This year is the first year the kids are both excited for Easter and I plan to set up a small egg hunt for them around the apartment. The Easter egg hunt will include some Russell Stover sweet treats, fun dress up accessories, Shopkins eggs, gardening toys and a silly new game.

  • My Strange Family EasterEaster dress from Matilda Jane Clothing, the MJ designs are youthful. Playful. And expressive. Their whimsical approach to texture, pattern and color results in designs that capture the spirit and imagination of childhood.
  • Juniorbeads for your mini fashionistas, the popular soft, non-toxic jewelry, which is colorful, and chic is a perfect addition to your little girls Easter dress.
  • Purple sequence crown from Flying Tiger Copenhagen everything from this store is like $5 and nothing is over $20
  • Russell Stover Dark Chocolate Banana Egg, Bananas and dark chocolate are a great combination. And these banana whip Easter eggs are no exception, with a naturally flavored banana whip center smothered in luscious dark chocolate I am sure these will become one of your Easter basket favorites.
  • Easter egg Shopkins, if you can still get your hands on these popular novelty toys your kids will be so excited. Shopkins are super cute, small characters that live in a BIG shopping world. There’s hundreds of Shopkins to collect from all sorts of fun themes.
  • Russell Stover Dip-It Rabbit with peanut butter, a delicious 6 oz. solid milk chocolate Easter Bunny with a twist. Dip-It Rabbit is made to break apart and dip into the cup of creamy Skippy Peanut Butter that is included.
  • Garden gathering, the Rabbit family requests the honor of your presence at a garden warming in celebration of the return of our sun. This fun bunny watering can is from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, and perfect for outdoor Easter playtime fun.
  • Honest Shampoo and Body Wash in Gentle Sweet Vanilla scent. I love how the new Honest bottles have a pump to make bath time that much easier. Plus they have more shampoo then the old design, but the price point stayed the same.

Completed Easter basket ideas with Russell Stover

Russell Stover Easter Basket

Do you think she likes her new Easter goodies?

My Strange EasterWe also got this crazy silly game Lay it or Break it, lets just say the kids were not very successful and we had tons of broken “eggs” all over the living room.Egg Game Lay it or Break it

Thank you Russell Stover for proving goodies for this fun Easter basket post!