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Growing up in New York City you have city playgrounds instead of huge backyards. You know how to navigate the subway, cross a busy street and walking is your main form of transportation at a very young age. You live in an apartment with neighbors above, below and on each side. You become so accustomed to sirens, and car alarms, that you hear sound in true silence. You have this constant feeling of needing to be doing something, and traveling to other places become less exciting because you live in an everyday tourist attraction.

Today we took the subway six stops to watch the new Zootopia movie. The trains were a bit of a mess, because of scheduled weekend maintenance. So, instead of taking the normal 10 minutes to get to the theater, it took over 30 minutes, with a transfer at Times Square. The trains were very crowded because of the limited service, and my kids were very tired on our commute home. But this way of growing up is the only way that they know and love. Childhood in New York.

Childhood in New York City Kids