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“It’s Trader Joe’s for dinner,” this statement rings true for most nights in the My Strange Family household. All of the frozen meals from Trader Joe’s are easy to make and perfectly portioned for our family of four. My kids are huge fans of the Japanese fried rice with edamame, tofu and seaweed, but I feel it lacks a bit of substance to stand as a full meal on its own. So, I add more ingredients from Trader Joe’s, to the fried rice.

Trader Joe’s Japanese fried rice hack

  1. One Bag Trader Joe’s Japanese style fried rice (in the frozen section).
  2. Whole bell pepper (in the loose fresh produce section).
  3. One package of Trader Joe’s shelled soybean edamame ready-to-eat (in the packaged fresh produce section).
  4. One package of Trader Joe’s organic baked tofu (I prefer the teriyaki flavor).
    Trader Joes Japanese Fried RiceNow just chop up the bell pepper and tofu, stir fry them together. Add the frozen fried rice. Once the rice is thawed mix in the shelled edamame. Then dinner is served. Plus everyone eats it without complaint!

Trader Joes Fried Rice HackWhat is you favorite frozen dinner from Trader Joe’s?