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When your last name is “Strange” and you are a five year old, finding a poster saying Strange Tales with all of your favorite comic book characters on it is awesome. Strange TailsRafael Grampa created this cover for Marvel’s Strange Tales Vol. 2. The indie anthology, a super sized comic book, where some of the most exciting cartoonists working today collaborated together to re-imagine Marvel’s greatest characters!

Yes, my son is a Star Wars fan, but after his fifth birthday, he informed us he like other things too. So I was excited to take him to Marvel Super Hero Spectacular event sponsored by Hasbro. My son got to try on costumes, play with toys and test out new Marvel games not previously released. Lets just say his mind was blown for a five year old.
Marvel Super hero spectacular

This multi tower Avenger headquarter pay set was fun to play with, but my son was drawn to this Marvel Avengers age of Ultron cycle blast quintet vehicle. Probably because of its larger size.

He also thought this Marvel Iron Man 3 titan hero series Avengers initiative Iron Man figure was way cool. Any toy where he can push buttons and noises or things happen he is instantly drawn too.
Iron Man action figure HasbroSo even though Star Wars is still big in the My Strange Family household, we have allowed some Marvell superheroes and comic books to join in on the fun. This allows my sons interests expand, helping his overall creativity with play. Now Darth Vader battles the Hulk and sometimes have tea with Minnie Mouse.