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23 Days of Flatiron Cheer,” which runs from December 1st to the 23rd, features free, holiday-themed events showcasing the intersection of shopping, dining, and culture in the neighborhood. The centerpiece of the festivities is a dynamic, interactive installation, Nova. The crystalline Nova uses a mix of materials and colors to create a human size kaleidoscope, that looks different from all sides. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a kaleidoscope, standing inside this installation will make you feel just like that.

Nova by SOFTlab, was selected through the annual Flatiron Plaza Holiday Design Competition in partnership with Van Alen Institute and NYC DOT Art, in which designers and architects proposed concepts for the holiday season. Situated at the intersection of 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue, the Nova compels passersby to enter the structure and gaze onto surrounding landmarks, framed by apertures in the installation’s exterior.

Nova kaleidoscope lilStrange Nova Flatiron Flatiron building Nova inside a kaleidoscope kaleidoscope nova