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White has returned to The New Victory Theater in New York City, it’s about a monochromatic world which is filled with white birds and beautiful birdsongs. The careful custodians Cotton and Wrinkle, of a colorless world work hard to keep the world white and clean by hiding every hint of color. But out of nowhere, little bits of hue start to appear and their orderly lives are thrown into a fantastic frenzy.

White New Victory Theater

It was a joy to watch my two year-old wide-eyed and giggling along with the other kids and parents in the room. Even kids a bit older than five were enjoying the presentation of White. Make sure to arrive early, so your kids can enjoy coloring and exploring with eggs before the show. This is also a great time to help the younger kids tradition from busy NYC to the theater setting.

lilStrange White

New Victory White

White has a running time of 40 minutes with no intermission and is recommended for ages two through five. Now until November 22, 2015 at New 42nd Street Studios, right next to the New Victory Theater.