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My son just turned five. This was the first year that he did the full on count down, from four and one-half, to four and three-quarters, to using a 27-day countdown calendar. When his birthday finally came the hype and excitement in our family was sky high, and being FIVE is so cool to a five year-old.

Elf Shelf Birthday countdown

On his birthday he opened a few gifts before school (mostly Star Wars toys), we went to a neighborhood 24hr diner for chocolate chip pancakes, he shared chocolate chip cookies with his kindergarten class at school, picked out a chocolate cupcake (see the chocolate loving trend here!) from a great NYC local bakery, then more presents and phone calls with the grandparents.

October 20th 2015

Dear H,

I love your independence, but your need to have me help you every now and then. Your capacity for story-telling and creating fascinating imaginary adventures before bed. Your ever growing desire to learn and constantly improve by practicing and asking millions of questions every day. Plus your keen interest in the world around you. You impress me and make me smile each and every 1,826 days of your life.

Love Mama.

Happy 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday