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Both of my kids had their first tastes of real food when they were six months old, on the dot, of their “six month birthday”; not a day early or a day late. Thinking back to these significant milestones in my kids lives, I was doing exactly what their pediatrician recommended. But, other than the date on when to introduce solids to my kids, their pediatrician did not give me much more information about babies’ first foods. A recent survey on infant nutrition found that 34 percent of parents who currently have a baby, or are expecting, say they don’t know when to start solid foods*.

Not really knowing what I was doing when transitioning my kids to solids, I decided to give each of them sweet potato, and by seeing their photos below you can tell they both enjoyed it. I felt introducing a root vegetable first would help in them not rejecting the solid, and I believed like 94 percent of parents believe that introducing infants to a variety of vegetables will help them make healthy choices as an adult*. Here is a great list created by Beech-Nut: Seven First Foods to Make Your Baby Smile

First tastes Sweet Potato

Beech Nut Baby First Foods

Food has never been an issue for my kids; they eat and love everything I give them and they seem to be upset when the food is gone. Their favorite quote is “I’m still hungry!” However, my biggest challenge is making sure my kids are getting the key nutrients they need during the first years of their life, and offering foods that contain protein, omega 3’s, iron, calcium, fiber, and calcium. According to the same survey, 48 percent of parents surveyed agree that there is not a lot of information on infant feeding and transitioning to solids*. Beech-Nut is stepping forward to try and provide parents with easy-to-use resources on infant nutrition. The first steps toward a future of healthy eating.

To learn more check out Beech-Nut’s Guide to What Baby Eats Now on their new blog.

*Beech-Nut conducted a survey of 200 parents (with an infant under or 2 or currently expecting) to find out where exactly parents are stumped when it comes to starting their babies on solid foods.

This post was sponsored by Beech-Nut but all opinions expressed here are always my own.