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As Singapore celebrates their Golden Jubilee (the 50th anniversary of their independence), Singapore Tourism Board unveils a festival of events around New York City as part of the SG50 celebration, including Singapore: Inside Out, which will be at Madison Square Park from September 23-27.

Singapore: Inside Out is a physical manifestation of Singapore’s creative evolution, featuring interpretations of Singapore by more than 20 Singaporean creative talents. lillStrange’s favorite exhibit by far was 1000 Crosses by Janice Wong, a playful edible art installation featuring a ceiling full of lollipops, gumdrop walls and chocolate-coated poles.

Janice Wong

1000 Crosses

While walking through Singapore: Inside Out you can hear sounds of clanking glass, the Zul presents Alice, Did You Hear That?, a sound installation inspired by Alice in Wonderland and a book by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Slater titled Spaces speak, are you listening?

Alice, Did yoy hear that?

Elyn Wong is the mastermind behind Singapore-based womenswear label, Stolen. When worn, the garment becomes one with its wearer, coming alive with individual expression and personality. When hung, the garment takes on a life of its own. With this work, Stolen challenges the perception of the garment as an inanimate object.Beings of the Garment

Jason Lim’s multi-disciplinary practice encompasses ceramics, performance art, sound, and video art. Inside Outside

Karmar Kamillion by Speak Cryptic, Time based mural in collaboration with members of the public.Kamar Kamillion by Speak Cryptic Singapore: Inside Out

We easily spent over an hour exploring Singapore: Inside Out in New York City, and we were sad to see it go. Happy 50th Singapore!