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We had a wonderful day at the Bronx Zoo celebrating Hotel Transylvania 2, with Sony Pictures and KidzVuz. My son was very excited to meet the characters. He had worried the movie would be scary, but he was not frightened of the characters and is now looking forward to seeing the movie! Besides meeting the characters we had a lovely breakfast with the gorillas, a VIP educational bat presentation and made a Drac mask. When we arrived home, my son couldn’t wait to surprise his dad with his Dracula teeth and wonderful cape!

Hotel Transylvania 2
Bronx Zoo

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is one of our favorite activities. We love riding the monorail and searching for the tiger and other animals. The recently remodeled Children’s Zoo is our favorite. For 50¢ you can buy enough food to feed many of the gentle animals, as long as you ration it out to your child one piece at a time! Otherwise, one animal will have a feast! The new pathways are covered with a human-made spongey bark-like product that can make pushing a stroller a bit difficult, but it is much better than gravel or sand. We enjoyed the bug carousel and Dippin’ Dots – our traditions! We are sad that the dinosaurs are no longer at the zoo. It is well worth it to buy the All-Access pass since so many of the special activities require an extra charge if you don’t have the All-Access Pass.

Thank you Sony Pictures and KidzVuz for a fun filled day at the Bronx Zoo.