I now have a kindergartner, another milestone to check off of his list. He is totally ready to start learning new things, and making new friends, even though he might be a bit nervous. His new school has over 900 students vs his last school that barely had 120 kids. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for him, and to look back on this post at the end of the year, to see all of his growth.

First Day of Kindergarten

His fun no tie laces are from HICKIES

When you live in NYC you get to walk your kid to their first day of kindergarten, and you don’t have to wait in any car lines for pickup. The playground is on the school roof, there is a pool in the basement and every Wed they have a green market selling produce from their school garden. Besides those few things kindergarten is most likely just like every other in the States.

Here are a few questions I asked my son about himself:

  1. How old are you? 4 and three quarters (I did not teach this to him)
  2. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe (also his lovey)
  3. Favorite toy? Triple Lightsaber (newest toy)
  4. Favorite food? Chicken Fritz (ok)
  5. Color(s)? Red & Green (ever since Christmas)
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up? Fly an airplane (pilot)
  7. Favorite place? Six Flags (not Disneyland, sad face)
  8. What do you love to do? Ride rides (and pretend to ride rides)
  9. Food you don’t like? Cheese (he will eat pizza though)
  10. Favorite sport to play? Basketball (putting his height to good use)
  11. What hand do you write with? Left (next president?)
  12. Favorite movie? HOME (thanks Fox Home Entertainment)
  13. Favorite song? Kidz Bop (this CD has grown on me too)
  14. Treat? Chocolate anything (preferably ice cream)
  15. Favorite book? Star Wars (he did not specify which one)
Welcome to Kindergarten

Yes he is a lefty

And last but not least some photos of my husband and I with our son on his first day of kindergarten.

Walking to school NYC

Walking to school in NYC

My Strange Family First day of school

Sitting in the school auditorium with Dad

How was your kids first day of school?