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If you are traveling with your family near Mount Rainier, make sure to set a few hours aside to check out Pioneer Farm Museum. Journey back to the 1880’s with your family to experience homesteading in Washington state. They have over 100 activities to do there.

Pioneer Farm Museum

The Pioneer Farm Museum tour is a little over an hour and you first go to a woodworking shop, blacksmith shop and barn. The best thing is these experiences are completely hands-on, yes my son burnt his hand a little, but these types of experiences are very rare now of days. Not only is the tour educational it is fun, and my two year old was even 100 percent involved.

Pioneer Museum Farm

Tours also include visiting two homestead cabins built in the 1880’s. Learn about the families who built and lived in them, and participate in many indoor hands-on pioneer chores for the kids. Such as: grinding grains, churning cream, scrubbing laundry, and carding wool. My daughter even dressed up like a pioneer, and got her hair curled with a old curling iron and my son shaved with a dulled straight razor.

Pioneer Girl

Other pioneer activities are to work in the blacksmith shop, heat up a horseshoe in the forge, pound or bend the shoe. In the wood shop you can pound nails, use a bit and brace to drill, spud bark from a log, saw some wood with a buck saw, and shape wood with a draw knife. Yes, lilStrange is using a draw knife, she is two, love this place.

Pioneer Family

For larger groups, they give the kids buggy rides. Both kids had a blast, and hopefully the memories created at the Pioneer Farm Museum will last forever. When we went, it cost $8 per person, and the baby was free. So, totally worth the money for the hands-on learning experiences the kids received. Oh and make sure to wear closed toe shoes, so you can visit the animals inside their barn stalls.