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As a kid did you ever dream you could make a wish and poof it comes true? All of your problems or wants solved with a simple wish?

I asked my son what he would wish for, and today it was to live in a big huge tootsie roll building, so when he was hungry he could just eat it. I then asked him, “But where would you live if you ate your home?” He though about it and decided having a lot of tootsie rolls in a bowl that he could eat whenever he wanted, would be a better idea. Tomorrow he might wish to fly in a rocket to outer space, or have help to put all of his new building sets together, the imagination of a four year old is endless. So the timing of the new Amazon Original Series, “Wishenpoof” available for Prime members on Amazon Prime, was perfect to help him expand his growing imagination.

Wishenpoof Bianca

Wishenpoof“, is created by Angela Santomero (known for “Blue’s Clues” and “Super Why!”) about a girl who can magically fulfill her friends’ wishes, I was a bit skeptical of an instant gratification lifestyle. But once I started watching the series (13 episodes in total) with my son, my opinion changed. He reacted positively to the story lines, that sparked his imagination to problem solve, and we laughed along with Bianca and her family and friends. Bob the Bear is a hoot!

Wishenpoof on Amazon

I asked my son “What do you think Bianca is?’ and he said “A girl who wishes lots of stuff to come true” I think he wishes he could have her magic too. After my son watched a few episodes, I noticed when he was playing independently, he kept saying “Wishenpoof, Wishenpoof, Wishenpoof!” bringing a bit of Bianca’s magic into his real imaginary world.

Wishenpoof learning

“Wishenproof” is about way more than “make a wish and poof it comes true”, Bianca helps to solve life’s problems in her own creative ways, with magic, or without, but always using her brain to make good choices. It is important for preschool aged kids to learn these life skills that help them reach their full potential and unleash their passion to learn. Plus sometimes having a friend is more important than having magic. 

“Wishenpoof” is also very colorful and pleasing to the eye. I also appreciate the incorporation of quality music into kids series. My son was instantly humming and sining along with Bianca.

Wishenpoof” will be available for Amazon Prime members beginning on August 14th.

I teamed up with KidzVuz for this sponsored post of Amazon Primes “Wishenproof” but all opinion expressed on My Strange Family are always true and my own.