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We are right in the middle of a hot New York City summer. Some days I wish we could stay home all day in the air-conditioning, but with two little kids, that is not an option (for all of our sanity). So in the summertime I like to keep my daily routine simple and easy, but still stylish, so we can be ready and out the door fast. My 7 mom essentials, in my summertime toolkit include things for my hair, face, teeth, feet, something sweet and something tasty.

  1. 7 mom Summertime EssentialsDenTek– Get a fresh, clean mouth anytime, anywhere with these travel-ready floss picks. Includes two cases, each pre-packed with six Comfort Clean Floss Picks. They tucks neatly into my purse, so I am never stuck with food in my teeth. Comfort Clean Floss Picks are great for tight teeth and sensitive gums and the tongue cleaner helps fight bad breath.
  2. Goodie Spin Pins– With the Spin Pin, it’s a cinch to get that perfect undone bun. Just two pins do the work of 20 bobby pins! Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist into a tight bun, and spin the pins into place to get this sleek, chic style. These are great on those days you might not get a shower in.
  3. Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo– Once I had kids I stopped washing my hair everyday and started using dry Shampoo on my off days. Dry shampoo helps absorb excess oils, provides a matte finish, and adds volume. I honestly like how my hair looks on the second day better. I have tried numerous dry shampoos and found that the Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo will instantly refresh and clean my hair without any water. Just a few sprays on my roots and throughout my hair, followed by brushing to diffuse the powder, will help absorb all the excess oils.
  4. Bumbrella by CiCi Soleil– When it is hot I wear dresses every single day. I don’t want to wear thick warm layers under my sheer summer dresses, but I don’t want to look naked when the bright summer sun hits my dress. I was excited to learn about the Bumbrella, an umbrella for your bum. The Bumbrella is not shape-wear but conceal-wear, it has the comfort of well-fitting panty with the convenience of an attached mini slip. Perfect to keep me cool and concealed on these hot summer days.
  5. Liquid Oxygen– I am normally a bar soap girl for everything, even my face. But this summer my skin is taking a toll, and I need a more intense clean with protection to keep it looking great. Once I started using Liquid Oxygen I was sold and have been using it everyday since. Liquid Oxygen are acne products that contain Oxygen, Salicylic Acid, Vitamins A C D & E, and essential ingredients to deliver clinically proven results. It is fragrance free and is perfect for all skin types and made to balance your pH. I have been doing the three step program wash, astringent and moisturizer, surprisingly it takes no time and the results were instant in how my skin felt and looked vs my normal bar of soap.
  6. Belvoir Fruit Farms– Has been making cordials for nearly 30 years, pressing fresh fruit and infusing flowers to mix with the famous Belvoir spring water. This summer I discovered the Belvoir Lemonades and crave the rose flavor daily. The lemonades are all made with lots of real fruit juice, blended with sparkling Belvoir spring water. They’re made from all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial so they taste natural, refreshing and delicious.
  7. Boggs Footwear– Started selling boots to the farm and agricultural industry almost a decade ago, but the Boggs boots are more technical, insulated rubber boot built to withstand the harshest conditions commonly found out on the ranch or inside the dairy barn. I was so excited when I found out Boggs made summer sandals, and wanted to see how they compared to their famous boots. These Bogg sandals are stylish, comfy and work with my everyday dresses or date night jeans. They have a sophisticated leather upper and responsive, foot-forgiving Rebound cushioning in the heel that compresses and bounces back so you can stroll in comfort.

All opinions expressed here are my own, some items were provided to My Strange Family as samples to review but all are now my daily go to products.