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Flying Tiger is a Danish design store offering a quirky, ever-changing selection of their own-designed products at surprisingly affordable prices. The look of the store is simple, colorful, with a Scandinavian touch.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen Logo

They recently opened its first store in NYC’s Flatiron district, and I am totally obsessed. Flying Tiger has a feel of IKEA but only selling extremely discounted, novelty items, toys, office supplies, kitchen, accessories, textiles and personal care items. Kinda like a fancy 99cent Store.

At Flying Tiger, the inventory changes up every month, and 90% of the items are priced below $15. After doing a fast walk through, here are a few of my favorite items priced at $2.

7 Items from Flying Tiger for $2

Hair ties Flying Tiger

Hair ties

Wiggly eye rings Flying Tiger

Wiggly eye rings

color bowl plate Flying Tiger

colorful bowls and plates

Fish tea cups Flying Tiger

Fish tea cups

Hairbrush Flying Tiger


Mask Book Flying Tiger

Mask Book

Strawberry Jars Flying Tiger

Strawberry Jars

You need to check out Flying Tiger Copenhagen if you are in the Flatiron District, your bank account will thank you.