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As a kid I loved playing simulation type computer games. I created cities and destroyed them, I built awesome loop-de-loop roller coasters and had a whole online family, that I had to make sure were happy a few times a week. So when I heard about Star Stable, an online horse game, I was intrigued, just like a kid again.

Star Stable

Star Stable is an online game where players from around the globe explore a magical world on horseback. Every player rides, cares for their horse, solves quests, participates in competitions, and takes part in the ever-evolving Star Stable storyline with new features, plots and twists added each week. Star Stable is a large multiplayer online role playing game, for PC/Mac that promotes fun, creativity, and engagement in a safe and positive virtual world. I would recommend it for kids aged 7 and up.

Once I started playing Star Stable I was placed in Moorland Stables, where Justin Moorland gave me instructions on the basics of the game. After exploring the Moorland Stables, spending some Star Coins on food, clothes and horse gear, Jenna, another stable girl had me complete my first task, to show that my riding skills are “safe”.

I passed the ridding test, so got to explore outside of the gates, I met a blacksmith who wanted me to help find his lost tools, a cosy picnic spot and an abandoned construction site. I wanted to explore more but my horse was getting tired so I needed to make my way back to the stable. You can only care for your horse at stables, barns, and other certain areas.

However, I was kinda lost and had to use the “Call for a Pickup” button, it took me back to the home stable, just in time. Over time I know I would become familiar with the maps and navigating but on my first few uses I was quite lost. I was also a bit confused on how to care for my horse, but once the horses mood was back to happy I received a message saying “Daily caring for your horse complete”. Because it was not easy at first, I would recommend Star Stable for kids 7 and up so they will not be frustrated.

My Star Stable

I did not participate in the chat features but I feel these would be a fun social experience for tween aged girls. Star Stable uses Crisp Thinking to automatically moderate and monitor all chat, and to ensure a safe and fun environment while playing Star Stable. Crisp Thinking chat moderation and profiling community platform prevents the online exchange of personal information, and actively filters out “bad” words and trigger phrases.

I had fun playing and exploring Star Stable and I can see the learning and development benefits for your kids. Players can learn social skills and problem solving by facing challenges in an ever-changing world. Star Stable encourages reading and engaging with fiction, as well as developing a sense of responsibility from money management to caring for their own horses.


The first five levels of Star Stable are free to play. Players who want access to the complete game experience can become Star Riders with a paid subscription, which gives them access to the entire world of Star Stable’s mystical lands, features, shops and evolving stories. Star Riders also receive a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins to spend or save for stylish clothes, accessories or equine equipment.

The fees are broken down as follows:

$7.49 per month (no subscription)
$19.50 for 3-month subscription ($6.50 per month)
$31.99 for 6-month subscription ($5.33 per month)
$69.95 for lifetime membership
Star Stable works on Mac or PC and can be used with any internet browser.

I was compensated for this sponsored post and received Star Coins to help facilitate in game play, however all opinions expressed here are my own.