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At Disneyland, a Main Street USA gem to discover, is the Silhouette Studio. The Silhouette Studio opened at Disneyland in January 1956, so almost 60 years of silhouette magic. A silhouette is the side view portrait image of a person, cut from black card, represented as a solid shape. Silhouettes became popular in the mid-18th century. Before photography, a silhouette was an average persons art.

We were lucky enough to have Sylvia Fellows do lilStrange’s silhouette

Sylvia Fellows Disneyland Silhouette ArtistSylvia Fellows has been working at Disneyland as a silhouette artist since the 80’s. Fellows has created up to 434 images in an eight hour shift, I was completely amazed by what she created in under a minute. Her delicate hand-cut art captured the age of lilStrange at two perfectly.

Because they artists work so fast you don’t need to make an appointment to have your silhouette created, you can just walk in off of Main Street USA. The best part is they will store your competed masterpiece in the studio, for pick-up when you are leaving the Disneyland Park, later in the evening.

Pieces of cut paper, are stuck to a contrasting backing color, and framed

Disneyland Silhouette Art lilStrange

lilStrange’s Silhouette

Disneyland silhouette artists cut two mirror-image copies at a time. Each head costs $9 and the frame is $16. A great personalized memory for anyones trip to Disneyland.

I was not compensated for this post, just provided with tickets to Disneyland to help facilitate my posts.