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Every Friday my son comes home from school with an overflowing folder of art projects, he created the previous week. Each art piece holds a story, of his travels, friends and imaginary adventures. He is too young to write his stories down in words, so he uses art to speak his mind. Now after four years of weekly art projects his Keepsake Portfolio is bursting at the seams. I needed a solution for this beautiful mess.

Lakeshore portfolio

I have used a fun app in the past that archives (ArtKive) my kids art. But, the main problem is I have to take the photos of the art myself, so the images and lighting are not that great. So, when I heard about Plum Print, and their mission to turn creative clutter into timeless books, I was intrigued.

Plum Print accepts all kinds of art creations, paintings, clay sculptures, weaves, masks, wood creations, honestly anything that fits in the Plum Print box. Each art piece is professionally photographed at their studio, then sent back to you if you choose to hold on to the clutter a bit longer.

Plum Print box for art

Turn creative clutter into timeless keepsake art books

How Plum Print works

  • Send a deposit, and receive a pre-addressed oversized box in the mail.
  • Select your favorite pieces of artwork, and send them in the box back to Plum Print
  • Once all your art is photographed you will receive a digital preview of your book to Approve and make any changes.
  • Order your keepsake art book and Enjoy.

Preserving your kids art for years to come

lilStrange and I attended the Plum Print event in NYC to see the beautiful book products first hand. Here are some photos from the event.

Plum Print Art books

CassieCastellaw-PlumPrint lilstrange

http://www.cassiecastellaw.com Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.


Cassie Castellaw Plum Print lilstrange

http://www.cassiecastellaw.com Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.

Plum Print was started by two moms (Carolyn and Meg) living in New York City, with the same problem, their kids artwork was taking over their home. From this simple desire to de-clutter their NYC apartments, Plum Print was created. However, Plum Print is not just for city dwellers, I think anyone who wants to preserve their mini artists masterpiece will be happy with this first class service.


http://www.cassiecastellaw.com Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.

The whole process was so easy, and the final Plum Print book product is above my expectations. My son loves looking at his own special book with out words, but full of so many stories.

Plum Print art books

Plum Print art bookGo to plumprint.com to learn more and order your first art book.

I was provided with Plum Print books for review purpose, but all opinion express here are my own.