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LEGO is a line of colorful interlocking plastic brick toys, that can be connected in many different ways, to build objects. LEGO toys come with building prompts or you can create whatever your imagination desires. Anything constructed in LEGO can be taken apart again and again, and the pieces can be used to make other objects. Growing up we always had LEGOs around the house, but I remember my dad playing with them the most. He would build castles and ships, following all of the directions closely, and then my sister and I would play with the finished product.

Growing up I remember my dad playing with LEGOs the most


My son has owned multiple DUPLO construction sets, but he mostly spent his LEGO playing time building and breaking, with little focus on creating something. I would always buy sets that were age appropriate for him, not wanting to challenge him too much, but allowing open ended play. I liked keeping the pieces bigger because of the baby. However, when the baby takes a nap I am always looking for “quiet time” activities for my 4.5 year old. He loves painting, squishing Kinetic sand and playing with Play-doh, all of the activities I prefer the baby not get into. After attending the Mom 2.0 Summit and meeting with LEGO, I decide start buying the more challenging LEGO sets for him during this “quite time”. His first set is the LEGO classic, to encourage him to #keepbuilding.
LEGO Classic #KeepBuilding

My son only needed assistance sifting through the LEGO Classic pieces

The first time my son played with his new LEGO Classic set he only asked for assistance in sifting through the pieces, and a few block corrections here or there. He quietly sat at the dining room table for almost 2 hours, following the LEGO Classic building directions, piece by piece. He completed three projects from the direction book, all by himself, I was so impress. When I told my husband, he did not believe me.

#KeepBuilding with LEGO

His LEGO tee is from Hatch for Kids

By his second sit down he had finished all of the projects with directions in the provided LEGO Classic booklet, and asked if he could use my computer to find the final three LEGO on-line building instructions. He now enjoys taking his creations apart and putting them back together again, faster, and looking at the instructions less. I learned so much from watching him, about his attention to detail, and high level of concentration. His searching for the correct piece improved with each attempt, and he no longer needed my help. He was so proud when he completed each building activity, and I was proud of him.

My Strange Family LEGO #KeepBuilding

We already have a trip scheduled to go to the new LEGO Flatiron District store to pick up the next size up box of LEGO Classic, to keep him entertained for another week. I might even try my hand at creating something spectacular with the LEGOs next week too.

Thank you LEGO for gifting my son this box of LEGO Classics, from Mom 2.0 Summit.