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My toddler is becoming a travel pro, but it took him four years to become one. This past month he took six flights, one was even 11 hours long. So, we needed to pack enough activities for him to not be bored, but not so many things that it would be unmanageable. After years of packing far too many activities for him, I finally have his travel essentials down to five (main) items. You can throw in a small pack of crayons, coloring paper and a book for good measure, but for him they are usually untouched at the end of a long flight. Five Toddler Travel Essentials

Five Toddler Travel Essentials

  1. Kid friendly headphones– The type where you can control the volume on the chord. These ones are from eKids and have Disney CARS branding on them, I know there are other brands that make a similar product, But the fun Disney branding make these kids headphones standout above the rest. The best part is these headphones have high-quality sound yet also limit volume for protected hearing.
  2. Magnetic drawing toy– Draw and erase over and over again with this great travel size Magna Doodle type drawing toy. My son loved to make connect-the-dot pictures and have me guess what his connected picture was, then trade off taking turns. This magnetic toy is also great to bring into restaurants while waiting for our food. It requires no batteries, makes no noise and offers hours of fun.
  3. Pin art- Another great open-ended toy where no instructions needed is Pin Art. My kids just press their hands or other found objects into the blunt metal pins, to create a picture. Instant art. Over and over again. Plus because this is my sons own personal Pin Art, I don’t mind if he squishes his face into it (not recommended). He also played with this for over an hour at a restaurant while my husband and I enjoyed a nice uninterrupted dinner with friends. Just make sure you have one for each kid.
  4. Booster seat and back pack- So this Trunki BoostApak is awesome. All of my sons travel essentials are placed inside and once we are at our destination he has a safe booster seat to sit on in our rental car. The booster seat is easy to set up, very durable and comfortable for my 4 year old to sit on for a long period of time.
  5. Personal game tablet– Anything from and iPod, iPad or this LeapPad (the cheapest option) is essential for long travel hours. My son can play games, read books, color and watch shows all on one device. Make sure to bring extra batteries though. The kid friendly headphones are also essential so the people around you are not forced to listen in on all of the sounds coming from the tablet.

Travel essential Pin Art Do you have any toddler travel essentials to add to this list?