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Snow day, spring break, nap-time for the baby, upcoming holiday? Whatever your reason, it is always a great and tasty afternoon of fun if you have Foodstirs. We tested out the Brownie Popsicle Kit and they were so delicious and very easy for my 4 year old and myself to make together. He loves making things from scratch and helping me in the kitchen, but so many times we don’t have all of the ingredients or tools to make what he is dreaming.

What is Foodstirs?

Foodstirs are food crafting kits that help children get comfortable and creative in the kitchen while teaching them basic cooking skills. The kits are themed to provide your kid with an experience not just a product. In one afternoon my son explored, worked on counting and measuring, and fine motor skills. Our Brownie Popsicle kit was delivered directly to our home, and H could not wait to start cooking.

Foodstirs kids cooking kit

Everything you need to stir up an edible masterpiece

  • dry ingredients for the sweet project
  • colorful and easy step-by-step sweet recipe for the food craft and a bonus healthy
  • dinner recipe (All recipes are less than 8 steps!)
  • skill sheet
  • specialty cooking tools and craft supplies

My Strange Family BakingMy son did the pouring, cracking the eggs (do you know the trick to cracking eggs? bang two eggs together and only one will crack. Works every time and perfect for kids to participate.) and mixing. I think he thought it was done at this point and was a bit sad when I had to explain the mixture now needed to bake and cool, before we could decorate and eat.

Brownie Popsicle FoodsitrsI used PaperChef Parchment Paper to line the pan, so the brownie would come out of the pan easily. Once the brownie was cooked and cooled he used the provided heart shaped cookie cutter to make a few hearts and then I cut up the rest to make rectangles. We also stuck the brownies with popsicle sticks for fun eating. The Foodstirs kit also provided the indigents to make a sweet frosting and sprinkles to go on top of the brownie popsicles.

Brownie Kit FoodStirs

Do you think he loved it?

I sure did and so did my husband, all of the brownie popsicles were eaten within the week of making them. The Foodstir kits had more than enough ingredients to probably even make another half portion of brownie popsicles. For more information or info on how to order your own Foodstirs kit click here.