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My daughter talks, and talks a lot, but most of the time I have no clue what she is babbling about. She speaks in full sentences, but I can only pick out a few words here and there. Enough that I can understand her needs and wants though. She has mastered the 25 most common words for a toddler, and uses them in the correct context, so I am not worried about her speech at all. I decided to make a cute archival video of her saying her top words and phrases, used over and over all day long.

Words of a 20 month old

Here are lilStrange’s Top 25 words of a 20 month old, how many can you figure out?

Listed in order are my 20 months old, Top 25 words:

  1. Her name
  2. Mommy
  3. I love you
  4. Mema
  5. Papa
  6. Hello
  7. Open it
  8. Please
  9. Yummy
  10. Good night
  11. Dada
  12. Her brothers name
  13. Poo poo diaper
  14. Apple Seeds
  15. Banana
  16. Water
  17. Bottle
  18. What?
  19. Baby
  20. Mickey Mouse
  21. Elmo
  22. Choo Choo
  23. Happy Birthday to you
  24. E I E I O
  25. Cheese

Cute, right? Have a nice Wednesday.