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KidsLink is a new iPhone app where you can share documents, photos, and moments safely in your approved circle of family and friends. Parents raising kids in the digital age of Facebook and Instagram, feel comfortable sharing every single moment in their kids lives. These social media sites make it so easy to do so, but will this over sharing behavior have a negative effect on our kids digital legacy?

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Digital legacies

As a blogger my kids digital legacies are already set in place, over their friends with non-blogging parents. You know about their potty training, what they like to eat, and some of their favorite activities. But, I try to be careful to not post their names, birth dates, school or doctor info. However, in such a digital age I would love to have all of their documents and my own in one place, instead of in piles, or boxes throughout our home.

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KidsLink is here to solve that problem. The initial setup was easy, each kid gets their own profile where you can put in their basic details, plus doctors and dentists name, email, phone number, any medicine they are taking or food allergies etc. Within the vault tab, document images such as vaccination records or insurance cards, can be placed for easy access. You can add additional categories for other document images based on need. The KidsLink app is very smart, and these image documents are linked up either through the vault tab, or the my family tab and who the document relate to.

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My husband and I try to do a weekly date night, and this past year we have had the luxury of having two kid free trips overseas. Thinking back it would have been great to have the KidsLink app, to easily link in our babysitter and my parents, for these times away from the kids. For safety reasons and ease of getting the info they need, right on their phones incase of an emergency.

How is KidsLink safe?

When you make a post, you’re in control of who you share it with, just your family, your KidsLink friends, or push it out to Facebook or Instagram. Only those KidsLink users who have you listed in their iPhone contacts list can connect with you. No crazy stalkers allowed, ever.

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Finally KidsLink strips the metadata from your photos. Metadata like precise latitude and longitude that lives in digital photos, often gets saved online when you post there directly. KidsLink cares about your family’s safety and digital legacy, so they strip that data, allowing you to post to Facebook or Instagram from KidsLink and protect your family.

Who would like a free Starbucks coffee?

Free Starbucks Coffee

Plus if you need more convincing on why you should download the KidsLink app, they are giving the first 25 My Strange Family readers a $5 Starbucks gift card for downloading! Just download the KidsLink app and leave the email address that you used in the comments below, so they can verify that you downloaded. If you don’t want to leave your email address just comment “downloaded” and make sure your email is in the comment form.

This post was sponsored by KidsLink, but all opinions expressed here are my own.