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I am a huge fan of those Valentine’s Day cards where the kid is photographed with their hand out like they are holding something, and then they actually have something, like a lollipop in their hand. So, I had all the supplies lollipops and all ready, when a letter came home from my sons school saying.

“On Friday, February 13th, children are invited to exchange Valentine’s Day cards in their classrooms. If you would like your child to participate, please send in cards that are only signed with your child’s name. PLEASE DO NOT ADDRESS THEM. This makes it easier to distribute, as every child independently hands out his or her own Valentines. Also please remember to send cards only, and refrain from sending food (remember our friends with allergies) or pencils or toys. Homemade cards are great, and the children are delighted to receive them. The school will supply bags for the children to decorate and use to collect their cards. Please bring in 21 cards.”

Ok, so I had to scratch the lollies, but what am I going to have my son hold in his hand? After spending way too much time at the arts and crafts store, I found some cute little glow sticks with hearts on them. I know it says “no toys” but he needs to hold something right?

These Valentine’s Day cards are really easy to make, and if you have a HP photo printer at home they can be done in a snap.

First Take a photo of your kid with their arm up like they are holding something in their hand. Then Google image Valentine’s Day and pick a generic background or two to use.

valentines day card prep

Next I used the Superimpose app, I uploaded the Valentine’s Day heart image as the background and the photo of H holding his hand out as the foreground. Then using the mask feature I started to erase away the foreground to let the background heart image come through. The Superimpose app has twelve different masking tools, to get into all of the small spots.

valentine card using superimpose

Then using the HP photo paper that I received from Disney Parks and MomSelect, for my Disney Side party, I printed out 21 Valentine’s Day cards for my sons class. I picked out different themed backgrounds to mix it up some. Then used scissors to cut a slit above and below my sons hand to put the glow stick through.

Here are the final results, I hope they are a hit with his friends this Valentine’s Day. I know my son already loves them.

Kid holding somthing valentine card