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NYC was supposed to get hit with the BIGGEST blizzard of the century last night. Well, lets just say that did not happen. Yes, it snowed and it was cold, but it was not worthy of shutting down the whole city for a day. The plus side was that, today was a snow day, no school for my son, all of the shops were closed and very limited amount of cars on the road. So, with everything closed and the streets a muddy, snowy, mess, we decided to stay home.

We spent some time playing in the snow on our terrace, throwing snow balls and making snow angels. Once our fingers started to freeze off we headed back inside. For some hot coco and a Pop Secret popcorn snack.

My Strange Snow Angels

We had always talked about turning our playroom into a “Secret” fort made out of pillows and blankets for some time now, so I though why not today? On this forced stay at home “snow day” to build our creation once and for all. I had H collect all the blankets and pillows he could find throughout the house and make a big pile on our playroom floor to begin.

Snow Day Pillow Fort

While the pillow fort building was in process some yummy Pop Secret popcorn was popping away in the microwave. Pop Secret is a perfect snack companion on trips into the uncharted reaches of our imagination.

Pillow fort building time

Pop Secret Popcorn

Once the pillow fort was complete H was so proud of his “Secret” creation and spent hours playing inside and snacking on his popcorn for some Pop Secret family fun. Plus check out this cool campfire we made using wooden toy logs, tissue paper and a flashlight.

H's Secret Pillow Fort


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