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Traveling with young children is amazing, and I love sharing new cultures with them. Sharing food is an important part of our traveling experience, but sometimes it is difficult with an 18 month old. I make sure to have her try everything offered once, I also order dishes that I think she might like and if all else fails I have a backup stash of granola bars and baby food packs in the suitcase

We are currently in Cancun and lilStrange who is 18 months old has been surprising me with what she likes and what she does not like. All fresh fruits are good, like pineapple and banana. She will also eat a whole ripe avocado and ask for more when it’s done. She had her first tamarind-chili-mango lolly and loved it (just like her Southern California mama). Oh and coconut shrimp was a hit. However, she is passing on bread, juice and vegetables which are her favorites back home, so it has been hit or miss feeding her when on vacation.

Do you have the same struggles and surprises with food when traveling with kids?