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Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I have been using Instagram for almost two years now, and over this time I have worked hard on building up my following, and it has not been easy. I am not even close to being an Instagram superstar, but hopefully with a lot more hard work and continuing on the path I created, my Instagram following will continue to grow.

If you are new to Instagram, or a seasoned user looking at gaining more followers I would recommend trying out a few of my tips on how to get more Instagram followers. Some tips are on retaining the followers you already have, the others are getting new followers. These tips will make your experience and your followers experience more enjoyable.

  • Post a least one photo everyday- Your followers follow you for a reason they want a small glimpse into your life and by posting at least one photo on Instagram everyday keeps you relevant and in their feed.
  • Don’t post more than three photos in a day- Instagram is not Twitter. It is visual and your followers probably don’t care about everything you ate at that one restaurant or all of the products showcased at a press preview. Pick something that really impressed you, or make a collage post featuring a few items. Dump all your other photos onto Twitter or a blog post.
  • Less photos posted on your Instagram feed each day increases your percentage of likes per photo- As a follower I want to like or comment on your photos, but I don’t have time to like or comment on a dozen or so photos a day. I usually end up picking one or two then moving on, so the percentage likes on each photo is divided and decreases your analytics.
  • Post different photos on your separate social media platforms- If I am fan I probably follow you on multiple platforms, and I don’t want to see the same photo more than once. The worst is when I follow someone on Instagram, their Facebook fan page and we are friends on Facebook and I see the same image three different times. Again my likes and comments will be divided, If you want someone to like and comment on all three places then share a different photo.
  • Post good images on Instagram- Blurry, over exposed or dark photos are just not fun to look at. Their are so many good FREE apps out there to edit your photos with, plus the new Instagram editing features are decent, so take full advantage of them. My favorite Instagram photo editing app is Adobe Photoshop Express.

Instagram Photo edited

  • Engage with your followers- This is by far the most important Instagram tip.
    • If someone new follows you go to their feed and like 1-3 of their photos, see what they are all about, comment if you have the time and if you like what you see follow them back.
    • Always answer questions posted on your photos, make sure to @followersname with your response so they can see your response.
    • Say thank you if they give your photo a compliment.
    • Try to like for like, especially to the followers that you don’t follow back.
  • Use Hashtags- This is the number one way for new people to find your Instagram feed. However, put hashtags in a separate comment from your main photo caption (it looks less cluttered this way). Also create unique hashtags so you can filter your own feed. I created #MyStrangeFamily and ask my followers to tag their photo with it if they want me to see their photos right now almost 800 photos are currently using “my” hashtag.
  • Hashtag Stalk- If you are interested in something follow its hashtag and like and comment away. When you are at an event, like and comment on all photos using that events hashtag, you will totally gain one new Instagram follower from that event. If you can’t make it to an event, still follow along with the hashtag and engage with the attendees.
  • Geotag- If your are at a location that can be tagged other people visiting that location in the future can check out your photo and possibly be a new follower, you clearly have similar interests. If I am at a location and I don’t want people to know exactly where I am, I use my custom Instagram Geotag of #MyStrangeFamily so It is easy for me to track and gets my personal hashtag exposure.
  • Join Facebook groups with other blogger of similar interest and make sure you are all following each other.
  • Post relevant photos- If you are a food blogger make a majority of your feed about food. If you are a “lifestyle” blogger give a nice variation of people, places and things. Find whatever photos get the most engagement and try to duplicate that magic everyday.
  • Videos on Instagram- They are great but I get the least amount of likes on them so I try to avoid them and keep the videos over on YouTube.
  • Don’t buy followers- Fake followers don’t engage so you are just making yourself look bad by having 50K followers and 50 likes per photo. Plus Instagram keeps doing clean ups and deleting fake followers, last month I lost over 300 Instagram followers but my likes per photo engagement has stayed the same.

If you spend a minimum of 30 minutes on Instagram everyday, following some of these easy tips, within time you will see your follower count increase and your entire experience more enjoyable.

If you have any tips to add please include them in the comments and hey make sure you are following me on Instagram.