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If you are ready to get your baby’s first haircut a place like Doodle Doo’s in NYC is a perfect place to take your kid. Doodle Doo’s is part kids hair salon, part toy store, nestled on a quaint block in the West Village of Manhattan. They have the cutest chairs for the kids to sit on when getting their haircut, from a classic car to a wooden boat and my absolute favorite, a yellow taxi cab. Each haircutting station has a TV where your child can choose their favorite DVD character to watch, the TV’s help to keep the kids distracted and their head still and facing forward.

If it is your baby’s first haircut, the stylist will make sure to save some wispy locks, for a memory book. They also fill out a sweet certificate with your child’s name and date of service, so this special milestone day will never be forgotten.

baby's first haircut

lilStrange did awesome for her first haircut, at first she was a bit shy and not really sure what was going on. The TV was not very successful in distracting her, so they gave her a Sesame Street peek-a-boo book to play with. Lets just say she loved the book and warmed up to all of the attention the stylists were giving her.

Doodle Doo's NYClilStrange did not have a ton of hair to start with, but at 16 months old, her back hair was filling in at a much faster rate then her front hair, causing a not so cute straggly mullet. The main goal for her first haircut was to clean the back up, making a sweet even bob. Hopefully over the next few months the fronts thickness will catch up with the back and she can start wearing cute little pigtails.

Haircut in a boatIn the end her smile says it all, and she had a successful first haircut. Plus check out the cute wooden boat she got to sit in for her first salon service. She also picked out a cute toy car from the toy store section of Doodle Doo’s to bring home as an additional memory to her lock of hair and certificate. First haircuts at Doodle Doo’s start at $35.