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Jane’s Carousel is located in DUMBO along the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront. The carousel has 48 beautifully carved horses laid out in the classic 3-row style (the outer row is fixed, while the inner two rows move up and down). It also has two grand chariots, for those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground. The carousel was created in 1922, and was originally located in Idora Park, in Youngstown Ohio. After the Idora Park fire, the carousel was significantly damaged with blistered paint and needed to be auctioned off.

Janes Carousel DUMBOThe carousel was purchased in 1984 by Jane Walentas and her husband David, she spent many years fully restoring it back to its original charm, at her art studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn. It was then given the name Jane’s Carousel after its lovingly dedicated restorer/owner Jane. The carousel is now perfectly installed inside the Jean Nouvel Pavilion, and opened to the public on September 16, 2011. Such a perfect addition to the Brooklyn Bridge Park waterfront.

Jane's Carousel Horse DUMBO

H showing his teeth like his horse, he kept cracking up about it.

We spent the afternoon in Brooklyn and the kids requested a ride (or two) on Jane’s Carousel. A must do if you are in the DUMBO neighborhood. The cost is $2 per horse and is opened most days all year round. Make sure to check out their web page for days and hours before you make the trip out to Brooklyn. Plus it is surrounded by a glass pavilion, so the views of Manhattan are unobstructed and breathtaking. Also when it is blistering cold outside it is nice and warm inside even though you feel like you are outside.

Janes Carousel Brooklyn

lilStrange loved ridding her own horse

Jane’s Carousel is close to public transportation, cute cafes, playgrounds, bathrooms and the highly anticipated DUMBO Shake Shack (make sure to order the location specific caramel carousel concrete, with vanilla frozen custard, shattered sugar cone, sea salt, caramel sauce and banana.). If you are up for a trek you could walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Jane’s Carousel. janescarousel.com