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The New Victory Theater is one of the best theaters in New York City, for great family friendly shows. If you are looking for a show this coming weekend, Friday October 10th, through Monday October 13th (Columbus Day school holiday) for kids 7 years old and up, then look no further, and check out The Old Man and The Old Moon, playing at The New Victory Theater

The Old Man and the New Moon

Thank you Danielle Wilson and her son CJ, from Dellah’s Jubilation for covering this show for My Strange Family!

We recently got to experience the magic of the show The Old Man and The Old Moon at The New Victory theater and it was unlike any performance we had ever experienced. With so many shows out on Broadway, you can instantly become intrigued by all the fancy set designs, sound and lighting effects, but this show was able to easily captivate it’s audience without all of the glitz and glam. The seven amazingly talented young men from the Pig Pen Theater Co. definitely prove that a costly budget isn’t necessary to engage their audience of all ages, as their creative artistry took us on a journey filled adventure with humor, suspense, curiosity and foot-tapping music.

By far, our favorite part of The Old Man and The Old Moon was their innovative use of everyday items as props, and the fantastic shadow puppetry throughout their performance. Plastic bottles, mops and garden tools were transformed into a dog and duck, making the kids in the audience giggle. Clever usage of a rickety wooden piano as a hot air balloon, had us seriously trying to figure out what else they could come up with. In once scene The Old Man was reminiscing about his wife and we were able to peek inside his head, and watch shadow puppetry depicting images of the couple in a silhouette. This incorporation of detailed shadow puppets, surely had the imaginations of the kids in the audience wondering how they could make their own adventure-filled stories at home.

There was a funny battle scene where the actors used their own bodies to form the bow of the ship, and they quickly popped open and closed umbrellas to imitate cannons exploding. Then all of a sudden we were watching this epic slow motion scene unfold like straight out of a movie, when CJ turns to me to say “Mommy this show is incredibly creative”, you could truly see the amazement in his eyes as he sat at the edge of his seat to take it all in. We honestly could have stayed and watched another hour of their adventure because it was really that good. CJ naturally gravitates to performances that include music, so we ended up going home and downloaded their album Bremen.

The Old Man and the New Moon photo

For more details about The Old Man and The Old Moon or other shows coming up at The New Victory Theater check out their webpage HERE.