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I spent my day at the park with lilStrange, while her big brother spent his day at school. It is crazy how this little girl has been in my life for over a year, but it was not until this past week, that we have had so much one-on-one time with her. Just the two of us. My full days of watching the two kids has now become one kid. Our days now involve age appropriate activities, for a one year old, that she and I do together. She gets her two naps on a schedule each day, her meals on time (not rushed or in the stroller) and 100% attention, all to herself.

Her whole life she has always had H with her. She only knows a life with him in it. The days I had a sitter watching them, they were still together, they had each other. Now it is just me and her, or the sitter and her. lilStrange’s personality has blossomed these past few weeks, her vocabulary seems to have doubled and her ability to communicate what she wants, or does not want amazes me. I started taking her to a toddler gymnastics class, and a music class, they both have bubbles, and she loves bubbles and can even say “Bubbu” I had no clue until this past week.

At school pick up she lights up the second she sees her brother, she starts waving to him, kicking her legs in excitement and says, “Hissin, Hissin”. This incredible bond between them is so sweet. I have an older sister, and I wonder if I was the same way when we were first separated because of school. H also misses her, and I miss him. But he needs his time in school to learn and grow, and she needs her time with me to grow.

I am so excited for this next year, and this special one-on-one time that I get to have with my daughter, and really get to know her as an individual. Not as a tagalong.

lilStrange Madison Square Park


Playground Madison Square Park

Picnic in Madison Square Park