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My Strange Family spent this beautiful sumer day at the San Diego County Fair. Knowing that San Diego traffic is always a mess, we decided to take public transportation to the fair in Del Mar. If you take public transportation to the San Diego Fair you receive huge discounts! The Fair Tripper is $15, and it includes round-trip fare on the COASTER and SPRINTER trains and BREEZE buses, a shuttle from the station to the Fair’s West Gate, and adult admission to the Fair (Regular adult admission alone is $14). It was so easy to take the train and the shuttle to the fair in Del Mar and the kids thought it was an extra special adventure, plus we hit zero traffic (unheard of the day before a holiday weekend).

San Diego Public Transportation with kids

Rides and fried food were the first priority once we were at the San Diego County Fair

Del Mar fair San Diego

H went on tons of kiddie rides that mostly go in circles. I am so glad he is 42 inches tall and can ride most of the attractions alone, I can’t stand rides that go in circles. From racing NASCAR’s (in a circle), to bumper boats (circles in water), to the Groovy Bus (that goes in circles), helicopters (up and down circles) and the choo choo train (circles while ringing a bell).

Kiddie rides at the fair

After H was dizzy from rides we re-fuled on sugary drinks and deep fried food

When I think of county fairs, deep fried anything is the first thing that comes to mind. Chicken Charlie’s sold totally fried avocados, chicken skins, triple decker Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, deep fried Klondike bar and much much more. I was sold on the deep fried chocolate and ice cream bar, lets just say it was awesome.

deep fried klondike bar


My husband went for the Texas Donut covered in Pop Rocks and a side of deep fried Snickers bar. The donut was fun, and H loved having pop rocks for the first time, we would pass on the deep fried Snickers bar next time (just too weird and sweet).

deep fried Snickers and poprock donut

We had a nice day at the San Diego County Fair, the location right on the waterfront makes for a nice breeze throughout the day. The Fair was also not too crowded for being July.

Do you have a favorite deep fried food?